18 September 2010

Cofresh Mild and Tangy Chilli and Lemon flavour Potato Snack [By Spectre] (Sainsbury’s)

I’ve been a fan a Cofresh’s burning hot Balti Mix for some time so you can imagine my joy when I saw they’d brought out a range of big bag crunchy potato snacks. The first I will review are the least hot of the three. This Chilli and Lemon flavour are rated as Mild and Tangy. I must have been having a wussy moment, as I’m surprised I didn’t go for the crazy hot first and work my way back. I burst open the crisps and sat down to watch Jonathan Dimbleby’s adventures in Africa. The bag was packed full of crunchy shells that are a delight to bite, but you may have to turn the volume up on the TV if you want to hear everything. I thought the heat from the crisps would be appropriate to the country and the hour long programme should be enough to see off the big grab bag. Chomping away at the crisps I noticed there was a definite lemon taste with a tangy heat from the chilli. The more I chomped the stronger the heat became. I thought the lemon worked so well with the chilli heat that I just wanted to keep eating, not only because the heat was making me slightly afraid to stop, but because the taste was so moreish. There was still a burn in my mouth for a while after finishing the bag and I couldn’t tell whether I was being a bit of a wimp or Cofresh really are under exaggerating the “Mild and Tangy” on the bag. Although I’d like to think it’s the later, I am slightly apprehensive about trying the hotter flavours, having said that, I’ll definitely be buying the Mild and Tangy again.
By Spectre


bob said...

This is the one in their range that I haven't tried yet.
The Hot Chilli flavour is brilliant.
A bit milder than the Balti Mix and the 'morish-ness' of it means that the mere 80g. in a packet will probably disappear in less than ten minutes.
I have to finally break down and buy the Chilli Lemon now.

cinabar said...

I've tried a few different ones in the Cofresh range, and these are my faves :-)