10 September 2010

Cadbury Wishes [Make-A-Wish]

I would very much like to believe that this is not an early sighting of a Christmas product. The only reason I suspect it might be is because of its shape, and I will try to believe that something star shaped doesn’t necessarily have to be seasonal. Heck we haven’t even had Halloween yet!
Some of the profits from this chocolate star go to the Make A Wish charity, which give this chocolate a feel good factor. If you needed further uplifting, each chocolate is also inscribed with a Fortune Cookie style positive phrase, which is quite sweet too.
Inside this pretty but solid feeling chocolate star are two layers, one of bubbly aerated dairy milk and one of a smooth chocolate truffle. The shape of the star make it a little difficult to approach, but once you do bite it, the shape and textures make it feel really substantial and fun to eat. The two layers make it seem quite filling and it certainly supplies a very decent chocolate hit. I love Aero / Wispa etc, and this too has that lovely feeling of biting into something solid, that ‘just gives’ when your teeth sink in. The truffle is quite cool and silky but tastes practically identical to the rest of the product, but the mix in textures works really well. Essentially if you like Dairy Milk you will love this, it’s a bit different both in terms of shape and filling but will more than satisfy any chocolate craving!


  1. We tried these, and really liked them, especially the kids. We didn't notice the messages though. Well, we'll just have to buy some more - shame!

  2. Thank you for the heads-up. I reckon you are right that this could be an early Christmas number, but if it tastes that good, perhaps it could find a more permanent shelf life?

  3. Yum these look nice! I really like that some of the profits are going to such a worthwhile charity as well. I will be on the hunt for one (or 10) of these now.....

  4. I think the shape while certainly Christmasy actually had more to do with the products tie-in with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, as they're logo is a star.

    I hope to see these in the US. I am a big supporter of Make-A-Wish. They granted a wish for my Nephew, and let me tell you those people really go above and beyond to make the experience as amazing as possible for the kids that they work with.

  5. these look lovely and even better that some profits go to charity!


  6. krnries - yep, Spectre missed the message too... he had to have a second - just to check also ;-)

    marcus - yep, I'm starting to think a chocolate star could fit in anytime. Nice idea to for a product.

    Little Miss Cherry Kisses / Gigi / Lousie - it is nice that a big brand like Cadbury are supporting such a good charity. I just had a look through the Make A Wish website, they really are doing something special. :-)


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