15 September 2010

Cup Noodles - Spicy Seafood Flavour [By Spectre] (Indoor Market, Birmingham)

Cup Noodles were first released in 1958 by the Japanese food company, Nissin. They are available in places such as Brazil, China, Finland, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico and the USA. I picked up this Spicy Seafood flavour in a Chinese store in the Indoor Market in Birmingham. After my recent discovery that I like some of the hotter flavours of Pot Noodles (Donner Kebab and Bombay Bad Boy), I was keen to try this original Cup Noodles brand. On peeling back the lid I was slightly concerned to see a solid wall of noodles. Concerned, partly as the cup was almost full already and adding boiling water, I believed, would make a horrific boiling mess all over the kitchen surface, and also concerned that even if I managed to get some boiling water into the plastic cup, how I would stir it and eventually eat it. These concerns were all a complete waste of time, as soon as I added boiling water the noodles softened and the brew mixed very easily. I also noticed there was no irritating sachet in the Cup Noodles that comes in Pot Noodles. This Spicy Seafood sauce was straight; no ripping and pouring and more stirring. After a while I plonked in a fork and started to twiddle the long thin noodles around. I have found Pot Noodles to be very noisy and messy, constantly slurping and having to wipe my chin. I was surprised that I didn't have to do that with this Cup Noodles. The orange coloured soup had a lovely seafood smell and spicy taste to it. There were clearly diced red chilli, sweet corn and fishy bits bobbing happily around in there. The noodles seemed quite cool to my lips when removed from the hot liquid and only when I came to the last few noodles did I have to wipe my chin a few times. The noodles were so long that I managed the 'have I got anything stuck in my teeth?' gag on Cinabar quite a few times before I got told off. I drank off the rest of the soup and chewed the small amount of bits of food that were still in the cup. This is a most refreshing quick starter or late night snack; I can heartily recommend Cup Noodles as a great alternative to Pot Noodles. They definitely show that experience is everything in the noodle pot / cup market!
By Spectre

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