7 September 2010

Vintage Buttons (Hotel Chocolat)

When someone says chocolate buttons it is hard to picture anything but the plainest looking chocolate discs. Chocolate buttons are not usually about their design, they are just about easy to eat chocolate pieces.
Hotel Chocolate have decided to think outside the box with their chocolate buttons and have done things a little differently. They have actually researched the appearance of classic clothing buttons from the 1700s onwards, and moulded milk chocolate into the classic shapes. I think it is impossible not to smile when you open the box and see these diverse and beautiful chunky choccies. The level of detail on each one is impressive, and all are different.
The chocolate itself is firm, but gives pleasingly when bitten. The flavour is sweet with a lovely easy going creamy taste. There is plenty of cocoa and the rich chocolate flavours just melt on the tongue. It is obviously a good quality chocolate, but it is the clever idea behind the product that would make these the perfect gift, or an indulgent treat.


Ana said...

They're gorgeous! Imagine actually wearing them and your partner eating the way inside your shirt...

cinabar said...

I'm trying to imagine it - but I'm thinking doesn't that mean he gets all the chocolate :-D