8 September 2010

Stockholm - Fine Festival Beer [By Spectre] (IKEA)

I must admit I do enjoy a trip to IKEA. It has a wide variation of products with tables, cupboards, sofa-beds, chairs, rugs and... okay, okay... you got me, I'm lying, it's for the meatballs! Those sauce covered meaty balls of love are simply to die for. I always have to have the large portion, with sauce, jam and chips to dip. The second best part is leaving IKEA. I know that sounds cruel, but the shop is a winding maze of stuff that doesn't quite fit together properly and you'd either never want, never make, never be able to make or wouldn't have a place in the house to put it in. After piling a flat packed super heavy desk and a wardrobe on a trolley and muddling through the self checkout we came across my third favourite part - the food shop. I always like to pick up a few beers there and noticed this nice little can of Swedish brew. Fine Festival Beer sounded like a treat. The beer is from the Krönleins Brewery, which was founded in 1836 by Anders Julius Appeltofft and was taken over by Anders Krönlein in 1920. It has been a family business ever since and has famous exports such as Three Hearts beer. On opening the 330ml can I poured the golden liquid into a glass and took a good swig. This lager has a sweet taste to start with, which is light on the taste buds, moving to a refreshing bite and bitter aftertaste on the back of the tongue. You can taste the strength in the beer, but it's pleasurable to drink and at 5.3% volume, one after another could creep up on you pretty quickly. You revel in the beer as you drink it; it's not too bubbly like some lagers and you just want more and more. I can certainly understand why the Swedish would want to celebrate festivals with this beer and I instantly regretted buying just the one. Next time I go to IKEA for meatballs and try to avoid getting lost in the maze of miscellanea, I'll definitely have to pick up some more of these cans.
By Spectre


james_TAKEanotherBYTE said...

Yes, I tried a can on my recent trip to Ikea just a few days ago! Like yourself, wish I'd brought more home with me. Did you try any other Ikea beer brands? Crocodile, for instance.

cinabar said...

No but I bet its got a good bite.... (sorry).

Will makes sure we pick some of that up when we are next in - and explore the other options. :-)