19 September 2010

Pepsi Raw [Yarr?] – (Asda) {by @NLi10}

Avast me hearties - it be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! September the 19th be the most important day in the Pirate calendar and to celebrate this year even the Pope has come to the UK to join in and will be just down the road from me this afternoon.

In honour of this wondrous day I have decided to review the most pirate like thing that I have left in the stores as I was unable to make it into town to buy more appropriate snacks. Raw sounds like the kind of thing a pirate may shout and while the intention of Pepsi Co was probably to appeal to hipsters and people who like to see themselves as fans of natural goodness I'm sure is some crossover.

The idea behind this product is to take all the artificial stuff out of the recipe and replace it with all natural goodness. It's like Pepsi saw how successful things like our beloved Fentiman's Curiosity Cola are and decided to return to their roots. It's been advertised by them as something to drink in clubs and bars too though which to me says they want the Red Bull & vodka customers back too.

It's a nice little drink though - it's certainly got a raw edge to the flavour and while you can tell that it's Pepsi it's a lot more earthy and natural in taste. I've been drinking it for a while but have only bought a couple since I rediscovered the Fentiman's brand. This is more expensive and not quite as refreshing, but when it's the only designer cola option in the bar it's the one I'm going to go for.

In summary my fridge has regular Pepsi for everyday drinking, and Fentiman's for special occasions. It's a wonder I have any teeth left, but then pirates were never big on dental hygiene. Yarr!
by @NLi10

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