6 September 2010

Chocolate Swerves [Pretzels] (The Big Yum: www.TheBigYum.com)

This is a straightforward idea for a product, but one that really caught my eye, take a pretzel and add chocolate. I am a firm believer in the concept of certain savoury flavours working well with chocolate. I honestly cannot believe that we in the UK don’t have many (or indeed any?) chocolate and peanut butter bars, for example.
Consequently the idea of combining savoury salty pretzels with chocolate sounded like genius to me. These Chocolate Swerves come in a large sharing bag, and each pretzel is prettily decorated with a striped milk and white chocolate, and they do look very attractive. The chocolate is mainly milky and sweet but it does the job. The pretzels underneath have a lovely crunch and add a decent hit of saltiness and biscuit. The combination of these two main ingredients just works wonderfully well. The sweet and salt make a ridiculously moreish combination, and you suddenly realise that huge sharing bag just isn’t quite big enough!
This product may consist of a simple idea, but it is one that has been beautifully executed. Well worth seeking out, and I hope to see some major stockists appearing for them very soon.


Emily said...

I remember these being around several years ago, in a blue-foil kind of bag, there was a white choc & milk choc kind, or something? Google says they were Pretzel Flipz by Nestle. They were yummy and good for my lunchbox!

cinabar said...

Sorry - messed up the web address:

They still make them - but not in the UK. On the bright side Amazon UK still sell them!! :-)

http://amzn.to/9Qz3Pd Nestle Pretzel Flipz White fudge