24 September 2010

New Mr Kipling Blackcurrant Oatibakes (Sainsbury’s)

We have reviewed a fair few ‘Mr Kipling’ products here at Foodstuff Finds, and pretty much enjoyed all of them. I love blackcurrants so I thought the combination of a decent brand and a yummy fruit couldn’t go wrong.
These cakes came individually wrapped, which is quite useful for those people who pop such things in a lunch box, spectre didn’t moan so the plastic tray must have been recyclable too! Each cake looks like it is somewhere between a sponge and a flapjack, it is golden baked and has a layer of blackcurrant jam through the middle.
I found the taste to be a bit of an anti climax. The cake is mild in flavour, and seems mainly to taste of flour. I thought that the blackcurrant adds just a vague fruitiness, and doesn’t have that zingy or sweet blackcurrant taste that some jams have. The texture was complex, but the oat bits meant it felt a little lumpy to me, although I realise that the oats were there to create that heavier texture.
In conclusion these are not unpleasant by any means, they just seem a little average, and are not my favourite product in the Mr Kipling range.

172 Calories per cake
Suitable for vegetarians


sprout said...

I'd also comment that if your mrs puts some in your work bag and doesnt tell you for a few days, they end up breaking up completely so you have to pour them down your gullet like the last of a bag of crisps. keep up the good work.

Anne said...

Having aquired a rather obessive love for all things with oats, this review was devoured as soon as I saw it. So it's sad to see these oatbakes aren't all that great. They sound as if a good idea just wasn't pulled off very well. So I rather stick to oatcakes/biscuits with my own jam I think. :-)

But thank you for trying them!

cinabar said...

sprout - oh dear... could have been worse, I had a similar scenario with a forgotten banana - eek...
Did you find the box with the rest of the Oatibakes in at home? did you manage to try a whole one? What did you think?

Anne - they weren't that bad, but they weren't wow either. Cadbury's Brunch Munch in Oat & Apricot are nice if you are looking for a fruity oaty treat.