27 September 2010

Fru Fruity Puds: Key Lime Pie (Sainsbury’s)

Key Lime Pie isn’t something we really get here in the UK, but I do know of the dessert from watching American TV shows. There was even one particular episode of Dexter in which he was trying to find the ‘perfect’ Key Lime Pie, although his final result was a little different from what you might expect.
From that and a little research I’m not sure these puddings live up to the American dessert, firstly there is no pie crust and there is no meringue topping either. These desserts from Fru simply have a crushed biscuit base, a layer of lime and a topping similar to that of a cheese-cake. In fact, one could argue that these are in fact just lime cheese cakes, under the guise of being a traditional American pudding.
But if you accept these Fru puds for what they are, all the negative thoughts suddenly disappear, because they really do taste out of this world. The biscuit base, is wholesome sweet and has a lovely taste. The creamy topping has a fantastic light and delicate flavour that complements the layer of zingy lime that refreshes the taste buds. Just when you think the taste experience is ending there is final gentle warmth of ginger that crosses the palate. Each spoonful just makes you want another, these desserts are absolutely beautiful, and a complete pleasure to eat (even if they are a bit of a side step from the traditional Key Lime Pie).


Anonymous said...

on offer at tesco!

Paulham said...

They aren't "limey" though.
They taste more like lemon curd.
Not nearly sharp enough.

cinabar said...

On offer... oooh not sure I can resist! ;-) These were so lurvly :-)

Paulham - lemon? I thought the taste was a definite lime... worked well with the cream cheese topping too.
Is a Key Lime Pie supposed to be more zingy?

Paulham said...

Nice product, to be fair. Just not tangy enough for me!