17 September 2010

Dairy Milk Bliss [Cadbury]

I received this rather lovely bar in the post, so apologies that one corner of it is crushed. It seems the Jiffy bag covering it, wasn’t enough of a protection for our snappy letter box. Still the broken corner doesn’t affect the taste, and it does give us an excellent opportunity to get a closer look at the filling.
This new bar is in the Dairy Milk range. Its pretty packaging reminds me of the Apricot Crumble Crunch bar they released a couple of years ago, as they both have delicate cream patterns on their packet. The size of this bar is very different to the regular ones though, it consists simply of six larger chunkier pieces. I assume this is to leave more room for the new vanilla centre!
The coating is the usual Dairy Milk chocolate, but it is a decent amount and provides a good chocolate fix. The centre is thick, creamy, and rather silky. Sampled on its own (yes, I scooped a little out with my finger nail) it does have a lovely light sweet vanilla taste. However with the chocolate the delicate tones in the flavour of the filling are lost, and the rich sweetness of the dairy Milk takes over. It’s a little hard to distinguish the vanilla, but that’s not such a bad thing as it ends up tasting like a Dairy Milk with a creamy, sweet truffle filling which is still rather pleasant.

220 Calories per Bar
Suitable for Vegetarians


SilentAngel said...

wow, this one is looking sooo tasty! Why do we not have something like this one over here :(

Anne said...

Oh I am (was?) quite looking forward to this bar being releases in October. But I have to be honest that your review dampens my anticipation somewhat. It sounds rather sweet and not as strongly vanilla flavoured as I had hoped, being a vanilla junkie.... Might give it a try anyway at some stage.

cinabar said...

SilentAngel - Hey, you get all the interesting varieties of Milka ;-)

Anne - Don't get me wrong, its a tasty bar... its just that I think vanilla is sometimes a forgotten flavour - so often confused with just being 'plain'. Proper vanilla can be quite sweet fragrant.
This bar is creamy and nice though - in fact Spectre tried one today and said "I understand why it is called Bliss" :-)

SilentAngel said...

Well feel free to send me ur adress and i will send u some of the Milka LE so u can try it. I also sended Jim some of these and hope he will like it.