29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Special

Today is a bit special for the British monarchy with the marriage of Wills and Kate, and the excitement has filtered down to the food industry too. Most goodies seemed to be the regular items repackaged with a special Limited Edition wrapper, and most of those seem to be aimed at people having street parties, such as things like cocktail sausages and lemonade (blue writing on silver, not the easiest thing to photograph)!

I popped into Marks and Spencer’s just before Easter and surprisingly couldn’t find much in the nature of Royal Wedding merchandise, but on the bank holiday after Easter there was a very different story! I found bunting, and flags, biscuits tins and all manner of edible wonders.
Here is my haul:

I couldn’t resist the lovely patriotic milk chocolate lollipops to eat while watching the wedding, you can wave them too as they work as mini flags. ;-)

I also found these white chocolate ‘Jazzies’ decorated in red, white and blue. I must have eaten these sweets a hundred times, but today is the first time I’ve learnt their name. It has always been ‘can I have a quarter of them’ and then me pointing at the jar in the sweet shop, but from now on I shall know what to ask for. The white chocolate base in these Jazzies is of a much better quality to any I had as a kid, so they do feel quite posh and acceptable to share with friends.

Finally come the most imaginative offering from M&S in these ‘New Royals’. They play on looking like a miniature bag of Jersey Royal New Potatoes, but do have a sneaky “not what it seems” quote on the front. In fact they are strawberries dipped in white chocolate, and made to look like potatoes. Quite a clever idea, and they really did make me smile.

Chopping one in half I found that the strawberry had the slight crunch of a freeze dried fruit, but it isn’t possible to make this product on mass with fresh fruit. The strawberry tasted lovely and sweet and the creamy marbled white chocolate set it off well. It’s a novelty, but a really lovely one.

Hope everyone enjoys this remarkably patriotic day – and everyone here at Foodstuff Finds sends the happy couple all the best. Have a great day everyone! :-)
By Cinabar


Mostly About Chocolate Blog said...

Nice to see you celebrated with chocolate - albeit strange chocolate ;-)

cinabar said...

Marks & Spencers is a strange place to find strange chocolate too ;-) The "New Royals" potato shaped strawberries are wonderfully adventurous for them!

Anonymous said...

The 'Potatoes' is a not so direct copy of Rococo Chocolates sweets disguised as vegetables. Although the M&S ones are a bit cheaper.

cinabar said...

Ive heard of the Rococo ones - and they look fab. They are filled with praline too, which I'd love!