13 August 2013

Cadbury Pebbles (Asda) [By @cinabar]

Another day, and another new grab bag chocolate Foodstuff Find! This time I found these in the supermarket, but heck I couldn’t resist. It may not be the most innovative new item on the shelf, but sometimes all you need is something simple. These are sugar coated chocolate bits, all presented in pebble coloured shells.
There are three colours in the bag, yellow, grey and purple, and the colour scheme is reminiscent of an arty pebbled beach painting. Each of the chocolates are in the shape of a squashed tear drop, and actually a very tactile shape. They look different, actually quite posh and have a nice feel to them. I could imagine these poured out into a glass bowl sitting on top of a posh coffee table and looking quite at home. Being the classy person that I am, I ate them straight out of the bag!
The chocolate under the shell is Dairy Milk, and it has the pleasing sweet and creamy flavour you’d expect. The shell is crispy, but none of the colours were noticeably flavoured. I like them though the shell added an extra bit of sweetness and lovely light crunch to the texture.
It’s simple yes, but any new product is a nice find and given that Cadbury do release a lot of creative goodies too, we can’t be negative when they release a simple product, but do it really well.
By Cinabar


Roy snaxon said...

Hmmmmm as a big fan of both dairy milk chocolate and smartie based snacks think I'm gonna have to seek these out thanks for the review

cinabar said...

Let me know what you think when you try them. I really like the colour scheme and the shape too.