29 August 2013

Cadbury Crispello – Vanilla Velvet (Boots) [By @cinabar]

In October last year Cadbury launched Crispello, in a Double Chocolate variety. It aimed itself as a lighter treat, perfect for an afternoon chocolate craving, while being lighter than the majority of other bars. It has obviously sold well as there is a new flavour on the market following in the same footsteps.
The new Vanilla Velvet still has three chunks in the pack, each having just 55 calories each. The pieces look like 3D diamonds, but my geometry knowledge doesn’t seem to go as far as knowing the official terminology for that I’m afraid! Each piece has a Cadbury chocolate coating, a crispy wafer frame and plenty of vanilla filling packed inside! The chunks feel very light to eat, which is nice, but they aren’t filling. I know they have less calories, but they feel it too. I did enjoy the flavour though, and eating my way through the chunks. The chocolate is sweet and creamy, the wafer adds a nice crunch and the filling is silky and soft. The flavour from the centre is nice, it has a sugary vanilla taste, but it is a little lost with the chocolate overpowering it. Having said that I do think it is nice to see a vanilla based confectionary product on the market, it is a staple flavour for so many things, but I can’t actually think of any other vanilla bars?
This new bar is a sweet and tasty treat, without too much guilt and is a nice addition to the Crispello range. I’m hoping they continue to develop it and add more flavours soon.
By Cinabar

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Roy snaxon said...

Great review have to say out of the two crispellos these are my favorite so far.