31 August 2013

Pop Up Noodles – Thai Green Curry / Teriyaki (@HopperHeads) [By @SpectreUK]

This part 2 of Spectre's trial of Pop Up Noodles, part 1 (Chinese Five Spice) can be found: here

Pop Up Noodles – Thai Green Curry

There were 171 calories in this 45g pot, with 4.3g of sugar and 2.2g of fat. Suitable for vegetarians and containing gluten, the ingredients included; durum wheat semolina, whole powdered egg, maize, mint, coriander, chives, ginger, crushed chilli and lime oil amongst other things. There were lots of red bits of chilli and green bits of herbs mixed in with the ample supply of noodles and sauce. There was an aroma of lime and mint from the pot after I’d added freshly boiled water and mixed the contents together. There was a medium heat from the chilli and a decent flavour of lime and mint mixed in with coriander and chives. Mint was the dominant flavour, then the lime, making an almost lemongrass taste, although there was no lemongrass in the ingredients. I really enjoyed this Thai Green Curry and would have it again.

Pop Up Noodles – Teriyaki

I’d certainly never seen a Teriyaki flavoured Pot Noodle before, so was very intrigued by this flavour. I left it until the last of the three to build up some tension in my mind. I’d enjoyed the Chinese Five Spice and been pleasantly surprised by the Thai Green Curry, especially as it hadn’t been doused in lemongrass that can be so off putting to some (mainly to Cinabar who hates lemongrass). This 45g pot was 167 calories with 4.1g of sugar and 2.2g of fat. Again this Pop Up Noodle pot was suitable for vegetarians and containing gluten, the ingredients included; durum wheat semolina, whole powdered egg, maize, oatmeal, soy sauce, malt vinegar, garlic, ginger, black pepper, spring onion, natural honey, and caramelised sugar amongst other things. There was a strong smell of soy upon adding freshly boiled water and mixing the contents of the pot. Once the steam from the pot had settled there was a decent Teriyaki smell from the concertina pot. Mixed in with the noodles was a heavy supply of finely chopped onions, which was certainly not a bad thing. Once cooled, as I was becoming used to these Pop Up Noodle pots cooling fast, I found this flavour the most pleasant and rewarding of the three flavours of the Pop Up Noodle pots I had been fortunate enough to try. It had a subtle, quite calming Teriyaki and spring onion flavour, which went exceptionally well with my salmon sandwiches and a pickled egg on the side. I find Teriyaki always goes well with fish or chicken. I love a good piece of Salmon with Teriyaki sauce at Mount Fuji when I visit Birmingham shopping. This Teriyaki Pop Up Noodle pot was really tasty and was my favourite of the three Pop Up Noodles flavours. I would definitely have this one again, would seek it out and reserve it for salmon sandwich or bagel lunches as a must have healthy accompaniment.
By Spectre

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