18 August 2013

Loveberry - Raw Superfood Granola (One Earth Shop - Digbeth) [by @NLi10]

When digging around at the One Earth shop recently I found a bag of quite expensive granola cereal (£4.30 I think) that was bright red and full of fruits and caught my eye.  It was full of all the kinds of things you'd usually see in the premium cereal aisle but also both raw and with no added sugar.

I decided that it would be wrong of me to not take this with me, but it sat around on the work-surface for a while as I decided it was probably best eaten on a lazy Sunday morning and not in the pre-commute rush of the week.  The clumps were large, and the actual separate strawberry slices were few but probably there is one per portion (I'm expecting three from the pack).

The flavour itself is not as strong as I'd expected from the smell.  I guess it's like the fruit infusions - naturally unsweetened products just don't have that kick that you expect from the manufactured tastes we are used to.  This isn't to say the flavour wasn't nice - just a lot more subtle than I expected.

The chunks mostly crumbled easily when bitten but a couple did not due to hiding a chunk of fruit.  These were harder work to eat, but easily the most flavoursome parts. Yum! It was also quite filling.  I think that my portion size was perfect for me, but many people would probably get 5 or 6 portions out of the small bag.  Like with the other granolas I've tried I gave myself less than I'd usually go for and was still very satisfied.

I think that this is a nice change cereal, but at the price I'm not sure I could justify buying it over some of the more mainstream seeds and berries granolas that I tend to stock-up on.

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