19 August 2013

Quality Street – New: My Green Bar (Local Newsagent) [By @Cinabar]

My favourite quality street chocolates are the purple ones, and back in 2011 they released those chocolates in their very own bar. I was in heaven! As fan of nuts and chocolate, my next favourite chocolate in the Quality Street tin are the foil covered green ones. So when I stopped by a local newsagent and saw the new My Green Bar, based on those praline triangles I snapped up a few!!
The bar is quite smart and is made up of four praline triangles all stuck together on a chocolaty base. Consequently the bar snaps neatly into four triangular pieces, perfect for simply breaking up before scoffing! The calories on the pack are marked at 98 per half bar; which I’m not happy about. To me a bar is the portion, I might be able to break it up into four pieces but if its praline based, I’m not going to share! :-D
The triangular chunks are the same as the Quality Street chocolates, with their nutty but smooth filling. I like the praline as it sweet and soothing, yet soft and easy to eat. The chocolate coating is a rich milk chocolate that adds to the sweet treat. It’s a seriously nice bar, a lovely blend of nuts and chocolate.
Knowing that there is a new bar on the market made up entirely of sweet chocolaty praline really makes me smile. It is something a bit different, and I can easily see this becoming my new favourite afternoon chocolate treat.
By Cinabar

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