2 August 2013

Chinese Takeaway via @JustEatUK‎ [By @cinabar]

Where we live there isn’t an obvious Chinese takeaway restaurant nearby. Consequently we have not had Chinese food delivered or takeaway since living here. The lovely folks at JUST EAT got in touch with us and asked if we’d like to try their services. Having a bit of a browse I have to say I was shocked at just how many takeaways (including Chinese) delivery to our street! It was one of those mind blowing moments!
We immediately set about having a look through the reviews and picking a takeaway to try. I was really pleased to see on the website that there were plenty of customer reviews to help aide our choice, and that the menus and pricing were up front and easy to follow. We chose a local Chinese takeaway called Beijing House.
I decided on King Prawn with Broccoli in Oyster Sauce and we had a Crispy Duck with Lemon Sauce. We also ordered an egg fried rice, noodles fried with vegetables and some barbecue spare ribs for good measure! The website gives you an estimated delivery time, ours was for an hour’s time, but the actual delivery was just 40 minutes which was fantastic.
The food was lovely! It became clear the second it arrived that we had been greedy and ordered far more food than we could eat! They also threw in a few spring rolls as a bonus too! We took big portions and tucked in. The prawns were wonderfully juicy and the vegetables with it were very fresh.
The duck was crispy, and the batter held nicely too it. The lemon sauce had a good balance between sweet and zingy and worked well with the duck. Spectre is the ribs fan, and thoroughly enjoyed them even as his fingers became red and sticky from the sauce.
We packed the remaining food away, and had it the next day for lunch – so as not to waste any of our feast!
I was impressed with both the food/delivery and the website. As I said although we live fairly close to the town centre, I really hadn’t got a clue as to the best place to order a Chinese meal from or which ones delivered to our area. Now we have a new favourite! I’m very much looking forward to exploring the best fish and chip restaurants on offer too, just in the name of research you understand. ;-)
By Cinabar


PMAarun said...

It's disappointing how few of the local takeaways in my area are actually on Just Eat. Out of all of the various chinese takeaways, indian takeaways, pizza & kebab houses and fish & chip joints in my small town/surrounding area, hardly any of them are on the website!

cinabar said...

That's a shame - I had the opposite though, but I guess it is because we live so close to the city centre that we are in the catchment area of a lot of places.