20 August 2013

Dowe Egburts – The Flavour Collective – Enticing Chocolate Coffee [By @cinabar]

I have to admit that the majority of coffee that I drink is instant, and that is about the convenience of it. Or indeed the location, there are no fancy coffee machines where I work. Although there are plenty of good instant coffees available, what is lacking from the market are the fancier coffees. Dowe Egburts asked me if I wanted to try their new instant chocolate coffee, and I was rather intrigued so decided to give it a go.
From the outside of the jar, the coffee looks like the regular instant, but on closer inspection I could see chocolates bits mixed in the jar. The particles were about the same size as the granulas, only darker. There was a lovely aroma too when I opened it, I put a large teaspoons worth in a mug and topped with hot water. There was no froth or strange consistency, it looked just like a regular thin coffee.
I took a sip. The chocolate flavour wasn’t overly strong, and strangely it wasn’t too sweet. I thought it added a lovely taste of mocha to the drink, without ruining the coffee element. I think if I took sugar in my coffee it would have enhanced the flavour more, but as a no sugar girl I liked the fact the drink wasn’t ruined for me. Thats the problem with syrups, is that they add sweetness more than flavour, but this drink was far more focused on the flavour element. The cocoa tones were there, without it feeling like I’dd added three sugars to my drink.
I also tried the drink made up with a little hot water, just enough to dissolve the granules, and then I topped it up with cold milk and a few ice cubes. It’s the perfect warm weather treat! It is a grown up taste, not a syrupy one, but I dare say if you add sugar it can go that way too. For me I like the complexity it added to the taste, and am rather looking forward to trying the other flavours in the range now too; vanilla, caramel and hazelnut.
By Cinabar


Helen said...

The caramel one is lovely, a real treat

cinabar said...

Oh yes the caramel is good - but the hazelnut is my new favourite.