11 August 2013

Little Things Round Up - picture fest! [by@NLi10]

When I photograph things to review I drag the pictures to my desktop so that I can choose what to do next.  Occasionally my desktop is a mess of single pictures that don't warrant long reviews - so here they are!

This charity mint box for Lion Mints was in Norway in a posh Hotel (that was where we picked up the key cards for our much dodgier looking rooms)

Turns out they are from an Australian charity.  Not amazing flavours as they were pretty much just solid sugar free white stuff with a bit of mint oil.  They helped keep hunger at bay.

Also staving off hunger in Norway (and actually in the hotel room mentioned above) is a carton of Tine Hel (or whole) milk.  How is this worth a review?

The milk carton turns into a farmhouse when you use the free ap!  Totally review worthy!

There are animations and you can give it mad colours and play with the cows. A great way to get the youth interested in milk.  Also as Norway is a country that understands dairy it was milk that tasted similar enough to English milk that I could drink loads of it.

We also ate a lot of these Lefse godt in Norway.  I'm still not sure what they are but they were filling and sweet.  They were kind of a mix between cake and bread.

They use a local flour which presumably can grow on mountains.

On the way back we had a small amount of left over Kron so we bought this bar - a Freia melkesjokolade Boble.

It's basically an Aero with a bubbly bar - but after a week with very little snacking this was very, very welcome. It helped distract from Ryan air...

Here is another green drink - Frugo - very nice but very similar taste to the other kiwi drinks.  An easy choice to buy again.

This American Air-Heads chew looks exciting!

This American looks and tastes like sweet plastic! Still finished it though.

This Higgidy Balsamic Onion and Mature Cheddar Quiche was a very nice luxury quiche. It was a lot more posh than your typical quiche with better quality pastry and cheese.  I guess quiche just isn't that exciting.

I got this bottle of Bodnant apple juice for my Birthday as I don't like wine.  It was fantastic, but as with most locally produced, small scale things neither I or you will probably see another bottle.


Roy snaxon said...

I love that milk carton app idea. I can easily imagine myself using it at breakfast, so predictable.

NLi10 said...

Exactly - I was thinking it was a silly idea, but was on free WiFi. A few minutes later i'm watching my purple cows wander around their neon farm...

Nicky said...

Just a little correction. It's called Boble chocolate, Nyhet means New.

NLi10 said...

Ha - thanks! If Id known that I could have looked out for the 'new' Norwegian snacks and really been ahead of the game!