12 August 2013

Twix Mix (WH Smiths) [By @cinabar]

Whenever I wander into the WH Smiths on site at work, and search the chocolate section for new goodies there regularly seems to be some sort of new grab bag concoction. I’m not complaining, it’s just that I can remember back a few years ago when they barely existed as a chocolate choice and were the exception rather than the rule.
The new theme seems to be turning already existing chocolate products into bag editions, think Mars bars, Yorkies, Rocky’s etc.
Twix has joined in and created this easy sharing grab bag edition of the bar. As you’d expect from Twix there are two varieties of chocolate goodies in the bag, chocolate enrobed balls of biscuit and chocolate enrobed balls of caramel. I have to say I liked the fact you couldn’t really tell which was which, meaning you really did get a nice mix.
The biscuit bits had quite a good biscuit taste, crunchy and buttery and there was almost a hint of malt in the flavour. The caramel bits were a little bit stickier than I expected, but still pleasantly soft and sweet. The flavour was a sweet caramel, not buttery like some; it had more of a brown sugar edge to it. The chocolate coating was sweet and milky, and the same as you would find on the bar.
The chocolate balls were all quite small, and my favourite thing to do was to grab a few and munch on them together. They really did recreate the flavour of a Twix bar, but depending on what you picked it was sometimes heavier on the caramel or the biscuit. I liked that, it made each mouthful different and added to the moreish factor.
These are a nice addition to the range, and something I would buy again.
By Cinabar


Roy snaxon said...

Hmmmm think I'll be giving these a miss, I really don't like Twix bars mainly due to not liking chewy caramel.

Melanie said...

mhhh awesome idea.. can't wait to get them in Germany (*hope*)


cinabar said...

Roy - well I'm afraid as all the chocolates in the bag look the same so there is no way to identify them and avoid them. What do you think about the caramel in Mars Planets?

Melanie - I'd have guessed these would be out already in Germany? I though we followed behind. I know Kit Kat Pop Chocs were available over there way before here.

Melanie said...

maybe I just missed them yet but I'm pretty sure this time we're behind ;)