24 August 2013

Pop Up Noodles – Chinese Five Spice (@HopperHeads) [By @SpectreUK]

Pop Up Noodles

I recently noticed that my Foodstufffind’s Ready Meal and Pot Noodle shelf was heaving under the weight from the many different varieties of meals that I’d picked up from various different supermarkets and import shops, as well as those sent to us for me to try. As I was rummaging through the shelf a 45g Pop Up Noodle pot dropped unceremoniously onto my head. I thought this was very intriguing; a Pop Up Noodle pot that was easy to fit in an enclosed space, such as a small bag or lunchbox. I noticed I had a few other Pop Up Noodles pots from Team Grasshopper, including a few soups. The first Pop Up Noodle pot that had almost knocked me out was Chinese Five Spice. I boiled the kettle, took the cardboard seal off and opened the pot. I noticed that the pot didn’t expand a great deal as the plastic of the pot was very strong indeed. I added some freshly boiled water and the pot expanded a little more, but not to a Pot Noodle size pot. I mixed the noodles together with the other contents of the pot. The noodles and sauce was quick to cool, and the contents of the pot were eating temperature in a short amount of time. Pot Noodles can stay hot for longer, so are quite difficult and messy to eat especially at work if you have to rush to a meeting.

Pop Up Noodles – Chinese Five Spice

There was a spicy smell from the cooling liquid in the concertina pot and I noticed the multitude of noodles was hungrily soaking up the greenish coloured sauce. The cardboard sleeve showed me that there was 168 calories in the pot, with 6g of sugar and 2.3g of fat. Suitable for vegetarians and containing gluten, the ingredients included; durum wheat semolina, whole powdered egg, maize, bell pepper, soy sauce, tomato, honey, oatmeal, garlic, chilli, five spice powder and Szechuan pepper amongst other things. There were lots of bits of red and green mixed in with the sauce, which I took to be pieces of chilli and pepper. There was a spicy flavour to the sauce, with a tasty, decent medium heat from the chilli. This healthy feeling Pop Up Noodle pot helped to fill a hole and went well with a ham and mustard sandwich.

Part 2, with more Pop Up Noodles flavours, will follow next week ;-)
By Spectre

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