9 August 2013

Ceylon Cinnamon (@cinnamon_hill) [By @Cinabar]

I’ve talked a lot on this blog about my love of cinnamon. And it’s true, it is by far my favourite spice, I love the way it makes my taste buds tingle. Recently the nice folks at Cinnamon Hill got in touch with a simple email stating that if I tried their cinnamon I would never again buy my regular brand. That’s quite a statement, so I took them up on their nice offer of a sample.
I have to be honest though, even with my love for the great spice I have never thought much about the brand, or even that cinnamon from different areas may taste different. Cinnamon is just cinnamon isn’t it?
Well apparently not. I made myself some toast, and spread it with a little of my dad’s fabulous honey (benefit of a beekeeper in the family) and went to prepare my new cinnamon. The grater they sent is fab looking, don’t judge me but I’ve never ground cinnamon before, I’ve only ever bought the powdered stuff. I love the smart box too, and every stick is individually packaged for the ultimate freshness. When I opened the first stick, I could tell it smelt different; it had almost a floral edge. When I actually started grating it onto the toast everything became clear, this really was something special. It’s like cinnamon, but there is extra element to it, it’s far more aromatic and the aroma has so much more depth.
I tried my toast, and just couldn’t get over how the cinnamon tasted, it was like it had a sharpness too it, it was tangy, but floral and so much more fragrant than any cinnamon I’ve tried before. The warmth and usual buzz was there, but it felt cleaner with loads of flavour packed in.
It is hard to explain the nuances between this and regular cinnamon in words, but for me this was like cinnamon mark two – a better improved version of my favourite spice. When Cinnamon Hill offered to send me a sample I feared I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, but one thing is for sure you can consider me converted.
By Cinabar


Roy snaxon said...

I feel rather ashamed as i always buys ready ground cinnamon, I've never tried fresh. Shame on me I think.

paulham said...


Tea Time said...

Fresh cinnamon? On sandwich? I definitely must give a shot.

cinabar said...

Roy - no me too, this is my first try at fresh - and I eat a lot of cinnamon!

PaulHam - Seriously nice!!! :-)

Tea Time - Make it a honey sandwich and its like a lazy persons Cinnamon Toast!

Rupert said...

Hi Lis,
Just to say thanks for this post. It generated a lot of interest at Cinnamon Hill.
With best wishes,

cinabar said...

No probs - glad its generated an interest. :-)