26 August 2013

Cadbury Eclairs – New Orange Twist Edition (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

As I have a bit of a sweet tooth, I am rather familiar with regular Cadbury Eclairs, which have been around as long as I can remember. Recently though they have introduced a new flavour on the scene, Orange Twist. I actually spotted them on the Tesco website, and added a bag to my last order.
The bag is very similar looking to the original variety, with orange replacing the usually gold on the purple background. I unwrapped the first sweet, but couldn’t detect any orange aroma which did worry me a little. The sweet started off exactly as a regular Eclair, with the sweet gold caramel flavour on the chewy coating shining through. I do like the buttery toffee coating though, so I allowed it to melt a little in my mouth. When it was a little softer, and I could chew properly, the central flavour leaked through, then the sweet burst and the chocolate orange taste made its full appearance.
I really enjoyed the flavour that followed, the chocolate taste of Dairy Milk mixed with the warm citrus orange flavour. It was zesty and fresh, but still contained enough of the sweet caramel taste and chocolate to be true to the original. They really are a lovely adition to the range.
Apparently they have a new Hazelnut edition out now too, which I’ll be keeping an eye out for too.Fingers crossed they too are on the Tesco site!
By Cinabar

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