25 August 2013

Medieval Squealers (Birmingham Food Fayre) [by @NLi10]

I do like the variety of events and stalls that we get in Birmingham.  As part of one of the food festivals I spotted a new-to-me stall selling things like squirrel pie and rabbit but also something called a Medieval Squealer. 

This is essentially a sausage roll, but with just sausage meat and pastry.  This really doesn't do it justice though, as this isn't grainy pork dust but actual meat.  I tried a variety of different squealers (named amusingly after Henry the 8th's wives) the last of which was Jane Seymour which was a smoked pork based affair.

They were all very filling, much more so than the equivalent Greggs offerings, and if the stall was there past the Bank Holiday Monday then I'd certainly go back for a third visit.

While I'd feel bad eating a squirrel based snack, I'm happy to eat this interesting variation on the humble pig.

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