7 August 2013

Nina’s Savse Beetroot, Apple, Avocado, Lime, Mango and Lemon “Super Purple” Smoothie [By @SpectreUK]

Instead of “Cleansing” this smoothie was described as an “Antioxidant” on the bottle’s label. The ingredients were unpasteurised with no added sugar and were measured out as; 150ml apple, 80ml beetroot, 8ml lemon, 5ml lime, 5ml mango, 2ml avocado in the 250ml bottle. Per 100ml there were 44 calories, with 8.8g of sugar, and 0g of fat. I gave the bottle a good shake before opening. There was quite a strong smell of beetroot and the dark red liquid looked like liquidised beetroot, which made me worry quite a bit on the taste. The odour was mainly beetroot, sweetened by a zingy apple aroma and hint of sharpness from the lime. The taste was actually not that bad. The beetroot mixed surprisingly well with the apple which took a lot of the earthiness away from flavour. There was a beetroot flavour to start with, but not too strong, then apple and then mango. Finally there was a hint of lime and sharpness from the lemon. Fortunately no bananas were harmed or tasted during the drinking of this beverage. This Super Purple grew on me while I drank it. The beetroot is muted, and I couldn’t taste it as much as I first thought I would. I was expecting to hate this drink and I actually preferred it to the Super Green, as it was smooth and it didn’t have any banana in it. The smoothie didn’t have the full blast of beetroot, as all the other fruits in the drink muted its earthy taste that can bite at the back of the throat. This drink was an all together pleasant experience. If I wanted to cleanse or antioxidant myself or detox or whatever you have to do to stay healthy these days, I’d pick this drink!
By Spectre

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