17 August 2013

Robinsons Fruit Shoot Mega Sour Mix (WH Smiths) [By @SpectreUK]

Produced for the Monty Bojangles Fine Confectioners of London these healthy sounding (asides all the sugar on top) Robinsons Fruit Shoot Mega Sour Mix were made with only natural colours and flavours, such as fruit juice; raspberry, strawberry, apple, blackcurrant, orange and pineapple, as well as elderberry concentrate, with nettle and spinach extract, but sadly these gummies were not vegetarian friendly (not that it bothers me though, but it will some...) as they contained pork gelatine. They came in five flavours, but were not counted out evenly in the packet, which is unfortunately the usual case with many assorted flavours of sweets. Apple flavour was green, but there were only three of these in the packet. They had a fruity apple blast that reminded me of apple ice lollies in the summer and they had a good hearty bash from the sour flavour. Orange flavour was orange in colour (unsurprisingly), but there was only one in the pack though, this had a flavoursome orange zing with a sour thump. Blackcurrant and apple flavour which were a purple colour, only having two in the pack, these had a lovely Robinsons blackcurrant flavour with a good sourness. Summer fruits flavour was red and the packet had the most of these ones. The flavour had a predominantly natural strawberry flavour with a strong sour punch. Tropical flavour was yellow and were the second most amount in the packet, and had a primarily pineapple flavour with a hint of orange. Summer fruits flavour had a lovely sour kick and was my favourite flavour. All these sour gummies were very flavoursome, with a natural fruity taste and were very moreish indeed. In fact I promised to share them with the rest of my colleagues, but when I started to eat them I just forget to share! I could really taste the natural fruits and was most impressed by the flavour of these gummie’s, their chewiness and sour kick. I would definitely have these again.
By Spectre

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