14 August 2013

Delmonte Fruit Burst: Fruity Pineapple & Raspberry [By @SpectreUK]

Delmonte very kindly sent us this drink in the post with a free Delmonte Rubiks Cube! I managed to completely destroy Cinabar’s ordered world as soon as I saw the cube by twisting and turning it for ages until it was a complete mess. It took Cinabar ages to get the Rubiks Cube back to normal. She then foolishly showed it me all smart and proud of herself. So I snatched it off her and locked myself in the bathroom and completely ruined it again, which took her ages to sort out. She wisely didn’t show me the completed Rubiks Cube a second time and has now hidden it somewhere! :-D

The design on the front of the carton of this Delmonte Fruity Pineapple & Raspberry Fruit Burst oozed simplicity. This design was a eureka light bulb with a raspberry and hefty chunk of pineapple inside it with the slogan underneath; “Fruit fuel, it’s not rocket science”. The ingredients were; water, pineapple juice 12%, raspberry juice 3%, citric acid, malic acid, carrot, blackcurrant, sucralose as a sweetener, with vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, B12 Folic Acid, which helps combat tiredness and fatigue, and Biotin aka B7. The 200ml carton had 16 calories, with 3.4g sugar, and no fat. There were quirky things to do on the carton, like make a pen holder from the empty carton, complete a word search and a quiz called the Fruit IQ Test. The drink itself smelt very fruity, being simply a mix of pineapple and raspberry. The taste was like liquid Fruit Salad sweets, which a mix of pineapple and raspberry, but a little less sweet and so fortunately not overpowering, being more of a healthy fruity flavour. I found this drink a very refreshing, very pleasant, and healthy feeling thirst quencher and would definitely have it again. Now to look for that Rubiks Cube...
By Spectre

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