1 August 2013

Zotter Strawberry Lollytop - Norway [by @NLi10]

Like many reviews this one is a tale of two halves - the first being where I bought the product and the second where I ate it.

While in the gift-shop at the Tromso whale watching center I noticed a lot of themed Zotter bars with interesting pictures on them.  At Norway prices and so early in the trip this was a bad thing to buy, but near them and at a much more friendly price was this little chocolate lollipop.

They had a couple of flavours, but I've always liked the red berry flavours best so I went for what I am pretty sure was Strawberry.  I paid, and popped it in my rucksack and thought no more of it for a couple of weeks.

Right at the end of our trip, on the penultimate day in Oslo we got drenched.  possibly not quite as wet as in Trondheim earlier in the week, but propper miserable soaked to the skin wet.  We'd visited a folk museum which was all outside buildings and been caught in a storm.  The views of a stave church were great, but we still had lots of things to visit and so had to trek out into the rain.  With no busses appearing to take us on to the Fram museum we walked it with one umberella between two and got all grumpy and sodden.

We sat in the little cinema with our shoes off trying to enjoy the story of polar exploration while regaining our humanity.  After this we wanderd around the fabulous musseum looking at the old boats Gjoa and Fram and all the details of all the Norweigan explorers and the tales of all the no-Norweigan explorers they beat to the various milestones and landmarks.

After this I got a bit hungry and sat up on the deck of the Fram rooting through my bag to dry things off and found the forgotten lollitop.  While it wasn't quite the polar rations that Nansen and Amundsen would have eaten it seemed a fitting place to try this.

There are a lot of different Zotter bars, most having something interesting about them, and this one was no exception.  Having solid chocoalte but with a red tinge due to the strawberry gave it an almost etheral quality sitting there in the fake-polar light show.  The smell was fantastic and the taste very strong.  Like a good ship mate I shared this with my crew who also magreed it was particularly yummy.  Given the opportunity to pick up a bar of this back home I would - it's got a childlike quality too it being on a stick, but it's certainly interesting enough for grownup explorers too.

And it encouraged me to rememebr to ea t the slightly out of date Zotter bars I have in my work-desk too!

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