28 August 2013

Chabaa Young Coconut Juice Drink with Coconut Flesh (Pinoy Foods) [By @SpectreUK]

I’ve had coconut in many forms from Bounty Bars to coconut biscuits; I’ve even had coconut milk in some noodle soups in Thai restaurants, but never really tried it as a pure drink before. This Chabaa Young Coconut Juice Drink with Coconut Flesh was produced in Thailand. The 230ml can was 110 calories with 1g of fat. The ingredients included; 70% young coconut juice, 9% sugar, 5% coconut flesh and antioxidant E223. I saw the can in one of my favourite Foodstuff haunts in the Birmingham Indoor Market, which is Pinoy Foods and just had to try it. So on one hot, some may say muggy, summer’s day I popped the can in the fridge and decided to drink it during a particularly gruelling gardening session. I say “gruelling” because the weeds had grown to the height of a large child and I’d noticed that some of the local cats had been lost in the tall grass of the lawn for a number of days. I opened the can and noted that this drink was not a fizzy one due to a lack of fizz, though no fizz had been promised on the front of the can anyway. I guess over the years I’ve become accustomed to opening a can and being greeted by a hearty fizzzzz! Unsurprisingly there was a strong whiff of coconuts from the drink. Gawping into the can opening I could see white chunks floating amongst the transparent liquid. On taking a good swig there was a strong coconut flavour, but not altogether sweet. There was sweetness to the drink but it wasn’t overpowering, which made the drink more refreshing than I thought it would be. This coconut juice drink was certainly a thirst quencher. The small white chunks of coconut flesh slipped daintily into my mouth as I took further swigs. These white coconut pieces melted in my mouth as I drank and chewed a little. I enjoyed drinking this refreshing Chabaa Young Coconut Juice Drink with Coconut Flesh and would have it again, as it made a refreshing and healthy change to regular soft drinks on the market.
By Spectre

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