12 June 2014

Asda Brazilian Steak & Chargrilled Peppers Pizza (@Asda) [review by @NLi10]

Every four years the magical time comes around again for World Cup themed food. While some of them have been so lazy I haven't bothered reviewing them I thought this one looked good. More steak pizza? Go on then.

The box is a veritable delight of colours and really gives off that Brazilian vibe.

The actual frozen pizza looks a bit sparse and un exciting in comparrison though. :(

A blast in the oven reveals the colours (and the fact that all the steak had moved into one bit) and gives us hope.  And actually it's not that bad! Sure the meat is a little skimpy, but it's a £2 pizza. The flavours are there, not too hot, not too sweet and just enough texture to play nicely on the base.

The picture on the box is a bit of an own goal though and reduces the happy feeling that you get when you open it - I think a bit more honesty and you'd be more likely to repeat buy. Imagine if you bought this for someone else and never ate it - you'd certainly only remember the disappointment and not the flavours. I'll be picking another one up for those late nights where I ignore the football and play on the WiiU or watch a movie.

Overall I'd say this is a 2-1 in favour of the pizza, while the early own goal looked like it was going to cost it, the fact that it's clearly limited edition and only 50p more than usual for the steak gets it through.

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