11 June 2014

Mango Chutney Flavour Poppadum Curls (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

These Mango Chutney Flavour Poppadum lentil Curls by Cofresh in Leicester, seemed like the perfect snack to dip into a hot curry. As no one loves me (which is a massive hint for a curry at some point from Cinabar's Mom) and I'm a terrible cook, I decided to dip these curls into Aldi's version of Tesco's Flaming Hot Coleslaw, which is Jalapeño Coleslaw, produced by The Deli, or "The Pink Death" as I've started calling it. So one hungry lunchtime I decided to pop open the large packet and scoff the lot for myself.

Oh my! On popping open the packet the sheer smell of these poppadum curls blew me away. Rarely have I smelt something that instantly made me want to dive into the packet and roll around like a demented child in a coloured ball pit. There was a strong smell of mango mixed with mint and a multitude of curry spices finished with a lemon citric zing. I poured the poppadum curls out into a bowl (see photograph) and took a grabful. It was pretty obvious from the first mango minty fuelled spicy powered taste that these curls didn't need dipping into anything. I put The Pink Death to one side and waded in. These lentil curls had a wholesome and healthy feeling crunch. The curls had an instant spiciness with a fruity mango tanginess that at once gave a sweetness that mixed pleasingly with the mint and medium hot curry spices followed by the lemon citrus zingy finish. These poppadum curls are by far the tastiest snack I've eaten by Cofresh. It seems to me that there has been a build up over the years to this point. To this tasty, spicy, fruity, sweet, tangy, lemony masterpiece. So buy them and several packs a time, see if I care... Okay, okay... leave me a couple of packs on the shelf please!

Information on the packet;
80g packet with 143 calories per 42 piece serving, having 0.6g of sugar and 7.9g of fat. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. No artificial colours or preservatives. See photograph for ingredients.
By Spectre


benny said...

Love Aldis jalapeno coleslaw. I make homemade coleslaw most weekends but as a lazy treat its cheese tortilla chips and Aldis jalapeno coleslaw that does the trick!

bob said...

Luckily these are available on both sides of the pond now. My only complaint would be Cofresh's usual value-for-money ethos sort of flew out the window with these. I end up paying the same for their incomparable Balti Mix and getting less than half the contents.
Still, I love the Poppadum Curls and the various flavours sprinkled upon them.