4 June 2014

Thomas Tucker Popcorn - Chilli & Lemon Popcorn (VUE Cinema) [By @SpectreUK]

I've recently enjoyed Heat 'n Sweet flavoured popcorn by Metcalfe's. I'd mentioned at the time that they should have been called Sweet Chilli and Lemon flavour. These lightly popped Chilli & Lemon flavoured popcorn were produced by Thomas Tucker, which was established in Nottinghamshire in 1988. It does mention on the back of the packet that they may not be the biggest producer of popcorn, but Thomas Tucker believes they are the best. Tall words perhaps? Well Cinabar seemed envious of me having this packet to myself at work. She told me that the packet of the Coconut Toffee flavoured popcorn she had reviewed in the past was probably the best flavour of popcorn she had ever eaten. After these claims and a quick check of the ingredients, which included lemon juice, chilli powder and cayenne extract, I started to really look forward to popping open the packet!

On opening the packet there was a strong paprika smell to start with followed by a hint of lemon, chilli and then popcorn. From the strong promising smell I was instantly expecting a taste powerhouse from this Chilli & Lemon flavoured popcorn. I was not to be disappointed. There was an initial heavy paprika spice from this orange coloured well coated popcorn, with a juicy lemon zing followed closely by a sugar sweetness that was tipped with a pleasing tingly burn from the chilli. This joyous journey of flavours traversed my eager taste buds through every fistful of popcorn. My nose began to run a little after a few mouthfuls from the chilli heat. The chilli burn stayed in my mouth complemented by the sugary sweetness, which supplied a sumptuous aftertaste that yearned for me to just keep eating, and I'm sad to say I mourned the empty packet.

Information on the packet;
30g packet has 136 calories, with 5.1g of fat and 6g of sugar. No artificial colours or preservatives. See photograph for ingredients. Allergen advice; produced in a factory that uses milk and soya. Suitable for vegetarians.
By Spectre

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