5 June 2014

Kettle Sweet Potato Chips - Lightly Salted (via @DegustaboxUK) [review by @NLi10]

As discussed in the main break down of my Degusta Box  I decided to do little features on each product that I got through as I got there.  After the lovely meal we had the next thing to be eaten was these Kettle Sweet Potato chips (crisps).  We got the lightly salted variety in our box but there is a sweet chilli version that I'm keen to try too.

Kettle are one of those brands I've been backing since their days in the health food shops when there was only one flavour.  That was fairly similar to this in that it was just enough salt to get you interested but no where near what you'd find on less healthy brands.

I took them with us to Hinton Skydiving Centre to watch a friend of ours jump out of a plane for charity (spoiler - she did it! Well done April).


Being a large and sharing sized bag used to mean that I'd sit in front of the TV with a 4 pint thing of milk and a whole bag of these and munch my way through which ever late night wrestling spectacular they had lined up for me.  These days I'm more sociable and pass them around so I got a variety of opinions.

Most people enjoyed them and ate a good few. One or two people commented that the lack of salt and flavour meant that they were a little underwealming.  I think that with the potato crisps the background flavour is potentially a little stronger and agreed that these needed a kick to get them going.  I still found them very nice and polished off most of the bag by myself, but kept wandering what these would be like in a balsamic vinegar variety.  I think that with a humus dip these may actually be divine.

The texture is different to potato crisps and the way which they crunch more softly is a nice change.  I'd certainly us the money off voucher that came with these to get the sweet chilli flavour, seems rude not to.  I'd be very interested to try more flavours as they appear, but will keep the lightly salted ones to eat alongside something.  

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