29 June 2014

Taylors of Harrogate - Blackberry & Elderflower (via @DegustaboxUK) [review by @NLi10]

In our May Degusta box was this herbal infusion.  It only uses Tea on the packaging to describe the tea-bags themselves which is good because it both indicates that it's a teatime hot drink without suggesting it contains actual tea.

This means that it's naturally caffeine free and is essentially a posh squash designed to be drunk hot.  

My grandmother drunk lots of these when I was young and I kept trying them but never really liked them and preferred the more sweet things on offer instead.

The tea bag and contents are both rather luxurious and you can actually see and identify the things in the bag.  As usual for these kinds of things the smell is heavenly, but rarely does the taste match up to the lofty promises.

In this case it's pretty darn close though.  There is a good helping of rose hips (a childhood favourite of mine) which is oddly not mentioned in the name of the flavour, but really does underpin the whole experience.  The Blackberry is a base, with the elderflower floating over the rose-hip middle and it all does work rather well.  You don't get the buzz from the caffeine that tea gives (even my usual decaf has 4mg of caffeine per cup) but you do get a lovely refreshing summer drink that you don't have to feel guilty about having a second cup of.

Plus this makes the office smell very summery and cheers everyone up.  Im not sure it's something I'd buy normally, and I'm more likely to try a different flavour than to go back to the same one (I guess that's why food blogging is so much fun for us!) but I certainly don't have to give them away to get to the end of the box.  

Something I enjoyed more than I'd expected, with a nice reminiscence to when I was the one who was too young to fully appreciate a nice relaxing drink without all the sugar and caffeine attached.

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