22 June 2014

Kettle Sweet Potato Chips - Sweet Chilli Flavour [Review by @NLi10]

I was at a family birthday party recently and took along a few snacks to add to the ample and healthy spread that they had put on.

Just look at all that lovely grub!  Before we get to the main event I want to take a moment to mention a 'Double decker pizza' that was there.  Now I'd not heard of these so pictured a Calzoni with a topping on top (luxury!) this is just a pizza with a second base below the first, with a tiny bit of cheese in between. Now - I don't know about you but how many people when eating a store bought frozen pizza most look forwards to the mass produced base?  This  was quite disappointing, and only worthy of a mention and not a full review - I'm sure there is a non store brand version that this is copying and I want to see if that is as disappointing before passing judgement.


On to the main event - the Kettle Chips - or rather the Sweet Potato variety.  Regular readers will know we got sent the original variety of these in a Degusta box and we remarked that it may be better with the flavour built in.

Well - it is, but not by much.  As we thought the added flavour gives a bit more excitement to the experience but these are still lacking something.  With regular potato the flavours layer up and the crunch adds to it all.  With this you a left wondering what you are missing out on.

Fortunately the table was covered in dips and spreads and meats so I soon had some hummus on mine and confirmed my suspicion - these are to go with stuff.  Don't treat these as 'crisps' and you will be fine - as the bag suggests these are 'chips' and should be dipped in as many things as possible until the bag runs out.  Worth buying to share, but not to eat alone.

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