15 June 2014

Maxi - promax milk strawberry [review by @NLi10]

On a recent trip to our local pool (Smethwick Baths - apparently The Beatles played there once) I spotted that they had some modern vending machines with supplement drinks in.  As I hadn't been swimming properly for at least a year, longer if you want to find a time when I went regularly, I needed a reward.  I over did it a bit as usual and pulled something in my calf I decided I'd earned a bag of crisps and also went for a protein shake too.

The machine has a lot of different ones and it basically comes down to whether you want to choose by magical science effect or flavour.

I thought that the one that promoted muscle repair was probably the one to go for, and thus got strawberry.

Despite the fact that it contained lots of protein it didn't have that papery taste that early protein shakes had.  The strawberry was more of an artificial thing but the milkiness was more real.  The texture wasn't as thick as I'd expected but was suitably satisfying.

My leg stopped hurting about two days later but I haven't been swimming again yet to try it out.  I'm not sure that these were great value for money but it hit the spot at the time and I may try another one next time.

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