26 June 2014

Cawston Press - Cloudy Apple (via DegustaUK) [Review by @NLi10]

 As someone who has occasion to want to avoid alcohol while drinking things that are actually nice and not just sugar, colour and caffeine I am a big fan of adult soft drinks.  When the Degusta Box for May included such drinks I was very happy.

Here we have a Cawston Press cloudy apple drink.  Unusually for 'good' drinks this comes in a can - most go for some kind of bottle to show off the contents.  This makes it a good portable option and one you can throw in a bag and drink at your leisure.  It also makes it very kid friendly.

The can is particularly nice with lots of fonts and deceptively few colours making it look like one of those fashionable type-set posters without coming across as too trendy.  Very eye-catching.

As it says - it's a sparkling apple drink. Ingredients? Pressed apple juice (not from concentrate - hooray!) sparkling water (in that order too) and some vitamin C for bite. That's it - it truly is the Kettle Chips of fizzy drinks.

I didn't have a a picture of it in a glass, but the colour was pleasingly apple like and it did indeed have a nice amount of sparkle without being overly fizzy.  The closest I can remember having recently is Apple Tango and I think Appletizer which are both nice summer drinks.  This does have more to the flavour than those, while being a little less sweet.  I'm not sure it's up to the standard of the top league adult soft drinks (Fentimans, Bottle Green and Fever Tree) but I'm assuming it's a lower price point than that.

Fentimans don't do an apple variety (although that's surely only a matter of time) and this is certainly something I'd consider drinking again. While I'm not sure it could compete alongside the dazzling array of premium offerings in many cafe's and top brand supermarkets (oh lovely, lovely Waitrose) hopefully it'll show up in the places that the common soft drinks are, such as newsagents and baguette shops, or even the pub.

In fact, I can see myself drinking this instead of cider in large glasses with ice in the sunshine.  Hopefully I get the chance.

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