24 June 2014

Yoghurt Mousse Mango (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

I do like to have something sweet after I’ve had my dinner, and I was in Waitrose looking for something a little bit lighter to tempt me. These new yoghurts caught my attention with their bright packaging, they looked like quite a new and funky dessert, but according to the calories they were just 110 per pot.
The pudding is a layered dessert, with a passion fruit compote on the bottom topped with a mango flavoured yoghurt mousse. Both layers a re an attractive golden colour. The first thing I noticed when I tucked in was the sharp zingy flavour of the mousse. It was bright and fruity and packed with taste, it really felt very summery. The compote on the bottom was similar, although this time it was passion fruit not mango. The taste here was again sharp and zingy, and I liked the added texture of the seeds mixed in. They gave a light crunch.
This is a very refreshing dessert, a palate cleanser if you like, and I liked its tangy fruit flavours. I think it would have been nice to have more contrast between the layers, with the mousse perhaps being more creamy. I’m still rather keen to try the other fruity varieties, and I think for just 110 calories you couldn’t do much better than these if you are looking for a healthier pudding.
By Cinabar

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