2 June 2014

Tassimo - Oreo Drink (@Tesco @Tassimo) [By @Cinabar]

I love my Tassimo machine, I think it delivers a fab latte and cappuccino which is also fun with a shot of flavoured syrup. The hot chocolates are lovely and quick and easy to make. The only downside is the selection of goodies, in the supermarket at least it is always quite basic. It was rather exciting to find a new drink available for the Tassimo and I was even more impressed to hear that Tesco was stocking it! I managed to pick some up in our small branch in our town centre, and couldn’t wait to get it home.

I have to say I liked the packaging on the boxes inside, the Oreo T-Discs looked like they had stacked Oreo biscuits down the side. There are two varieties of T-Discs in the pack, both used to make the one drink, a milky one and the Oreo biscuit one. This is pretty standard practice for lots of drinks with the Tassimo machines. The pack makes eight Oreo drinks, that come in at 190ml each based on the use of both T-Discs, so fairly small. I chose to make it in our “Irish Coffee” glasses as they are the perfect size. I thought it made sense to use the Oreo disc first then the milk on top, but couldn’t quite see an official order on the wrapper. The picture shows the milky froth on top so that felt right!

Once the drink was brewed it was a dark brown in colour with a milky topping, which wasn’t quite as defined as the one on the packaging. I decided to give it a stir which lost the distinction but did ensure all the ingredients were mixed up. When I took the Oreo T-disc out of the machine I was impressed to see it was completely empty, many of the hot chocolate leave some cocoa residue in the pack and I end up trying to pour it out through the hole - or is that just me? Anyway, there was no need with these.
Now I have to be honest, I did think this would just taste like any other hot chocolate with the Oreo element being just a novelty. I’m pleased to tell you that it isn’t and this really is a biscuit flavoured drink! Its is sweet and yes there is a fair amount of chocolate, but there is also a rich biscuit flavour running throughout. It has that buttery baked taste, and this gives the drink a beautiful creamy edge.It is such a soothing drink, and something so different to for the Tassimo. Unusual yes but delicious too, you just don’t know how nice a biscuit flavoured drink can be till you try one! Its also particularly good for dunking Oreo’s in. ;-)
By Cinabar

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Mike said...

If you have a B&M Bargains near you, you can buy the Oreo packs for £1.99. Got some yesterday.