25 June 2014

Tyrrell's Ludlow Sausage & Mustard Crisps [By @SpectreUK]

Tyrrell's Court Farm is located in Leominster, which is a stone's throw from Ludlow. If you get a chance I'd recommend a visit to Ludlow Castle and the surrounding town for a good countryside trip. It stated on the packet that these crisps are; "Perfect with a pint of ale", so I couldn't resist having a good pint of Badger's Hopping Hare thrice hopped blonde beer to wash these crisps down with. I know it's a beer not an ale, but it makes for such a good pint! There was a nice meaty sausage smell on opening the bag, with a mild hint of mustard. The first crisp had a good meaty pork sausage flavour, properly seasoned with herbs and spices and a decent hit from the mustard. The crisps had the usual quality crunch we've come to expect from Tyrrell's. I started swigging the beer whilst eating the crisps. The citrusy bitter flavours from hops perfectly complemented the spicy herbiness in the sausage and added buzz from the mustard in the crisps. The more I swigged beer the more crisps I began to shovel into my mouth. The flavours in the beer and the crisps merged into a beery wet meaty potato magic. I'm now certain Tyrrell's were right when they said these crisps are perfect with ale, but they are also just as grand with a good pint of beer from the genius Badgers of Dorset. These crisps were made for shovelling vast quantities into one's mouth and downing beer after beer whilst watching your favourite game on the box or a good comedy or action movie. Go and buy a bigger bag or two to fill a bucket and a crate of your favourite brew and then stick the tele on!

Information on the packet;
The 40g bag has 180 calories with 0.8g of sugar and 9.2g of fat. For ingredients see photograph.

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