7 June 2014

Beer Truffles (Hotel Chocolat) [By @SpectreUK]

When Cinabar mentioned Beer Truffles to me I first pictured a heavily wooded forest deep in Paradise, where only the most experienced truffle farmers and their eager long nosed truffle hunting dog could hope to find the tiny and extradinarily rare Beer Truffles, which reside at the base of the lesser known bushy dwarf amber ale tree. The next best thing could be these Beer Truffles from Hotel Chocolat, which are a blend of Belgian blonde beer and high-cocoa white ganache served in a milk chocolate shell. They sounded rather good from the description on the front of the packet, but I have to admit that I had a little trepidation before opening due to the fact that the last beer flavoured snack I tried smelt like the floor of a public house after a busy night on the tiles!

Before I opened the packet I couldn't help admiring the look of these truffles. They had very pretty cream and orange lines on them. I know I shouldn't be taken back due to the sheer amount of chocolate truffles I've packed away in my oversized tummy in the past, but hey, these were beer chocolate truffles which are rather original and very fine looking ones at that. There wasn't much of a beer smell upon opening the packet, which is probably a good thing after my Jelly Belly experience. Instead there was a strong smell of milk chocolate with a hint of spice. The pretty outer milk chocolate shell broke pleasingly between my teeth to reveal the creamy coloured ganache inside. There was an instant hoppy bitter taste that was immediately replaced by a spicy spirit alcohol flavour that hit me like a heavily laden chocolate freight train, further hoppy bitterness and barley notes came much later in the flavour leaving a pleasing beery aftertaste that mixed well with the creamy buttery ganache and lavish milk chocolate. I couldn't help smacking and licking my lips after each Beer Truffle. I really rather enjoyed all six of these truffles (even though it's a three chocolate serving) after dinner last night. I'd recommend you do the same, be selfish, kick back and enjoy!

Information on the packet;
6 truffles at 60g with each 30g serving of 3 chocolates at 156 calories, with 10g of fat and 13g of sugar. Suitable for vegetarians. Contains alcohol (whoohoo!), gluten, milk, soya, and wheat. See photograph for ingredients.
By Spectre

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