3 June 2014

PG Tips - Vibrant Mandarin Orange (@PGtips) [By @Cinabar]

Following on from my trial of the new fruit and herbal teas from PG Tips, when I gave Red Bush and Vanilla a go, the sunny weather has meant I have cracked open another box. This time I thought I would try something that sounded refreshing, and the Mandarin Orange seemed like the next most obvious choice.
When I opened the box the tea smelt beautiful and gave off lovely citrus tones, these only increased when the hot water hit the bag. The tea was quickly brewed in just under two minutes, with the classic PG tips pyramid bag ensure a good infusion. I do think there are a lot of fruit teas on the market that smell beautiful then have impressively little taste, I’m pleased to say PG Tips do not fit into that category. No these lovely new fruit teas have all held onto their taste, and the Mandarin Orange one is no exception. Now I put sugar in tea with milk, just one teaspoon usually. I don’t add any to pure green tea, but for fruit teas I have half a teaspoon to emphasise the flavour, and because I have a sweet tooth! ;-)
The flavour had a sweet orange taste, and it worked nicely with the slight hint of bitter from the green tea base. The orange was soft, not sharp but still had enough bite to be refreshing on a warm day. This is definitely a summer tea, it tastes fresh and the fruity flavour is perfect for an afternoon pick me up. I do wish I had gone one step further and added a slice of orange, just to make it extra special, but there is always next time.
By Cinabar

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