27 June 2014

Germany Inspired Party Food from Waitrose [By @Cinabar]

We were recently given the opportunity to write about World Cup party food, for a country of our choice from Waitrose. With England out of the World Cup I thought I would cash in on the fact that I am half German, and switch allegiances. We sat down to watch USA versus Germany on thursday night and sorted out the goodies.

First up for main plates, one of the most common easy eating foods in Germany is a selection of meats, cheese and pickles. We choose a good selection of german style salamis, some bavarian smoked cheese and a jar of gherkins (with dill flowers for extra authenticity). This is simple food, but German sausage meats really are the best. I love the flavours, the garlic and pepper spices all just make them melt in mouth. The smoked cheese and gherkins really set off the flavours too. It is easy eating but remarkable tasty stuff.

No German party feast would be complete without a bowl of pretzels, and the these salt and pepper variety ones are a nice twist on the usual salted flavour. They are crunchy and tasty, but the pepper was really quite mild.

For drinks Spectre had a wander over the the beer section in Waitrose. If I ever can’t find him while shopping there, the most logical place to look is the beer isle where the remarkable selection of ales etc seems to fascinate him! Anyway he chose a few bottles of two german sounding beers to fit the scene.

For sweet nibbles Waitrose are an excellent stockist of Bahlsen biscuits, so this was easy. We pretty much picked up the full selection - yum! I love the wafers dipped in chocolate, and tried to get as many of these for myself as politeness would dictate.

The other best german dessert is the Black Forrest Gateaux, which Waitrose handily has in cupcake form, so I picked up a few of these to celebrate success if necessary. The cupcakes are a rich chocolate sponge, with a cherry on top and a creamy filling in the middle.

A big thank you to Waitrose for supplying a voucher so I could choose themed goodies and giving me the opportunity to show off our German feast. And congrats to Germany too for beating USA one - nil, fingers crossed for them through the rest of the games.

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By Cinabar

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