9 June 2014

SpicEntice Yee-Hah! Chilli Con Carne (@spicentice) [By @Cinabar]

This SpicEntice kit is designed to give you all the spices to make a fab chilli con carne meal, and being something a bit special it includes mayan spiced chocolate to add to the flavour. Chocolate is often used as a seasoning in chilli con carne and when done correctly just offers a nice hint of flavour, not an excessive amount of sweetness.
Inside the sachet are neatly measured sachets of mixed spices so that you can then make the chilli from scratch. You do have to add the other ingredients, cue a tin of kidney beans, a tin of tomatoes, minced beef etc. It does give you a full shopping list on the back to make it an easier task.

The recipe was easy to follow too with it telling you when to add which of the sachets of goodies, and of course the other ingredients. IT smelt lovely when cooking, and we were easier to plate up.
The first thing to note is how different this chilli con carne tasted. It was really fragrant, and all the spices shone through, even the mayan chocolate nibs delivered a subtle cocoa background taste and a gentle hint of sweetness. I could pick up on cumin and also of lovely ingredients. The flavour was so much fuller then other chillies I’ve tried. It is quite spicy with all sorts of hints of smokiness and complex flavours. It is labelled on the website as having a medium heat but I think I'd call it more medium-hot, as it had a good kick without being too hot. We had our Yee-Hah! Chilli Con Carne with rice, nachos and sour cream dip to make the most of it, and we were all thoroughly enjoyed it. It is so much nicer than using a jar of sauce and the easy to follow recipe with prepared and measured spices means it's not much more difficult either!
By Cinabar
Spicentice are available at: http://www.spicentice.com/home.php

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