19 June 2014

Super Dickmann's (Germany) [review by @NLi10]

At work recently we got some goodies brought from Germany - Super Dickmann's little chocolate and mallow goodies.  These are very similar to Tunnocks Tea Cakes but with a wafer base instead of biscuits and no jam.

Here we have the super ones (which are large) and the schoko strolche which has three different flavours of chocolate on the outside.

It seems the white ones are the most popular where I work, but the bigger ones were also dark chocolate so many fancying that flavour would choose that.

Look at this for opulence - practically Krispy Kreme in the excitement opening these boxes!

They don't photograph very well the dark one especially but how do they taste? Well the chocolate was a little underwhelming but the goo - the goo was fantastic!

Look at that little white fluffy volcano. Yum! I'd certainly seek out these again, even though the chocolate and the wafer we're a little less to my taste than lovely English tea cakes.


Melanie said...

Always thought you would have them in UK as well... *surprised*

If there are any left... they're also delicious if you let them "grow" a few seconds in your microwave... but you have to watch them very closely... First the chocolate starts to melt, then the marshmallow-like filling starts to grow.

If you wait to long it "burns" (not with fire.. just like burned food, i quess you know what i mean). Best is you stop exactly when the Dickmann is bigger than the chocolate that covered it.. Like in this video, except he should have stopped at 22seconds

best wishes

Anonymous said...

Ohh Dickmanns are one of my favourites!
If you have a German Christmas MArket in your town, keep your eyes peeled for stalls selling HUGE versions! :D

Anonymous said...

Something very similar to these are available from lidl.

paulham said...

The ones in Lidl are the same. They are simply renamed to avoid Brit's embarrassment.

bob said...

Those crumbs could cause a rather awkward exchange of words with my boss, if I just left them sitting on the desk. She'd think it's contraband and I'd be in paroxysms giggling, trying to say 'But they're just Super Dickmann's bits!' :-D