6 June 2014

Cadbury Marvellous Mix-ups - Fruity Jelly Popping Candy Dessert (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

Cadbury seems to have been bringing us loads of lovely goodies in the new Marvellous range, and I have been loving all of them! Each of the chocolate based goodies has mixed up some other sweets or biscuits with it to create a new product. The combinations are always good fun, and I think this range has been a brilliant addition to Cadbury’s products.
I’m pleased to say they haven’t just stopped at bars of chocolate or sharing bags, they also let the Marvellous brand loose on desserts. This new pudding is a split pot dessert, with chocolatey goodness on one side, and a mix-up of items on the other. To be specific there was both milk chocolate and orange coated popping candy cereals, and raspberry jellies too to boot!

I tipped the goodies into the chocolate section and it did look rather pretty and tempting. The taste wasn’t disappointing either! The main chocolate flavour was smooth and creamy, and it went well with all the additional bits. There was a good portion of sprinkles and this meant that the texture was really nice and varied with every mouthful. The jellies had the strongest taste, with there hit of raspberry adding a lovely zingy flavour throughout. The coated cereals added a bit of crunch, but after a few seconds of trying them I could pick up on that tell tale tingle on the tastebuds, just before the popping candy came in properly and crackled its way in the mouth. I like popping candy, its fun and it makes me smile, so I thought it fitted in really well with this dessert.
I loved these split pot puddings and can’t wait to try the other flavour thats been released. My sources on twitter tell me there is a cherry cola bottle variety too, which I can’t wait to taste test!
By Cinabar

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