20 June 2014

Extra Crunchy Sticky BBQ Rib [@walkers_crisps] (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

I think with world cup fever at the minute it is a wise idea from Walkers to introduce a new flavour in their Extra Crunchy sharing bags range. I like the extra crunchy texture as it seems to be a good balance of crispness, nice and snappy, without being too hard like some of the premium crisps can be.
The new flavour is an absolute pleasure to eat. It is fair to say that they were so good I could have quite happily munched my way through the entire bag on my own, rather than share! The flavour has such a good balance of barbecue flavours. It has the spicy background, a clever smokiness, sweet succulent aftertaste and a rich pork meaty flavour that ran throughout. Pure yum! I have always liked meat flavour crisps, and chicken are usually a favourite, but these just hit the spot. They so totally reminded me of the pork ribs you eat in american themed restaurants, dripping in barbecue sauce. These too made me want to lick my fingers afters as they were so good.
These are definitely going to be my sharing bag crisps of choice, and I am just hoping Walkers bring out the flavour in individual packs too! It has been a long time since a new flavour has wowed me as much as these.
If you are looking for a bag of crisps to share while watching the world cup, or a film (because you want to get away from the footie) believe me you’ll all end up fighting over these.
By Cinabar

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