12 September 2014

Cadbury Eclairs - Velvets Coffee Flavour (Tesco) [By @cinabar]

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the combination of coffee and chocolate? A few times I suspect, the flavours just work and it a flavour duo that there just isn't enough of on UK shop shelves. How we morn the passing of Lindt Coffee Intense bar, but I digress.
Cadbury has seen the light and their new Eclairs flavour is coffee. These are in the Velvets range which aren't quite what I'd call an Eclair as they are a soft toffee, with a liquid filling but coated in milk chocolate (which is the part that doesn't feel so traditional). Cadbury has been adding to the Eclairs range recently and have had orange and toffee varieties out, but I was very pleased to a coffee edition.
I unwrapped the sweet and popped it in my mouth. The first thing I noticed was the sweet chocolate coating which melted pleasingly in my mouth. This was followed by the golden toffee flavour, that was super sweet and creamy with a good toffee flavour, but I didn't pick up on any coffee at this point. As I ate the sweet further it became more pliable and eventually was soft enough for me to get to the liquid centre, where there was a burst of sweet coffee taste. It was pleasant, but not as strong as I had expected or hoped for, it was mainly just sweet. Don't get me wrong I liked these new Eclairs, and the coffee filling was nice, if it had just been a little stronger then they would have been perfect. They are probably still my favourite variety in the Eclairs range, just because they contain a bit of a coffee taste.
By Cinabar

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