10 September 2014

Rhubarb & Orange Jam (Rosebud @Preserves) [By @SpectreUK]

This Rhubarb & Orange Jam was produced by Elspeth Biltoft's Rosebud Preserves. She stated on the label that this jam would be perfect on toast for breakfast. Never one to listen to sound advice I decided to have this jam on a toasted bagel after a hearty meal of steak and chips one evening. Besides our toaster is one of those deep deep heavy duty spring loaded industrial jobs with space for four pieces of bread. Toasting sliced bagels in one of these toasters is asking for trouble. Just imagine four super heated frisbies flying in different directions in a small kitchen.

On opening the jar there was a predominantly orange marmalade smell with rhubarb in the background. I found that the were small pieces of rhubarb and orange in the light brown jam. Once we'd had a fight with the overactive toaster which tried to spring the superheated pieces of bagel in random directions across the kitchen at random moments, there was a sweet rhubarb taste from the jam with orange marmalade flavour afterwards and a sharp zing of lemon to finish. I agree it would make an excellent waker-upper on toast, but this Rhubarb & Orange Jam was excellent on toasted bagel after an evening meal.

Information on the label;
Net weight at 227g or 8oz. Produced by Rosebud Preserves, in Marsham, Yorkshire. Made with reduced sugar, and no artificial ingredients. Ingredients included; rhubarb 57%, unrefined sugar, oranges 13%, lemon juice. Prepared with 76g of fruit per 100g. Total sugar content 48g per 100g.
By Spectre

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