14 September 2014

Wellman High Performance Drink [by @NLi10]

Some exercise drinks are protein based and aim to help you get to the end of the exercise and to mend afterwards. Some are highly caffeinated and energised and seem to be based around giving you the buzz to get to the end and a quick boost to help.

Today I look at an odd one, it has the stimulants and vitamins but mainly seems designed to help the body cope with the shock of the exercise.

I have seen lots of averts on the tube for these Wellman products but I'd never been tempted until I saw this drink in special offer in Holland & Barratt. I think it's supposed to make me run at peak performance, and actually says it's not for ladies.

It even comes with a recommendation by a sports person! It tastes a bit like red bull style drinks without the taurine, and is nice enough while still tasting like it will do work. We drank this while out walking around some very steep hills. I did get tired, but less so than my partner who had only had a sip to try it.

I think that this is similar to a Purdy vitamin drink mixed with Matcha green tea. I'm guessing that if you are short on vitamins then it may help, but it's nothing that a good diet and some motivation wouldn't do. Not one I'll be having again, but it may be just what you are looking for to get you out to the hills and to walk a bit further before having a sit down.

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